Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Whittlesea, Victoria

Healthy pets have healthy mouths. If your pet has bad breath and yellowish teeth, chances are they need to see their vet for a dental exam and cleaning. You might be surprised to know that most dogs and cats over 3 years old have dental disease to a certain extent, even though the condition itself can be prevented easily enough with proper care and treatment. Here at The Vet Practice in Whittlesea, our hospital is equipped with the necessary tools for providing thorough cat and dog teeth cleanings, which we recommend on a routine basis. Keeping their teeth and gums clean is vital to keeping your pet fully healthy!

Cat and dog teeth cleaning in Whittlesea, Victoria

Protect your pet from dental disease!
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How We Perform Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures

To clean your pet’s teeth safely, we will need to place them under general anesthesia so they’ll feel no discomfort or stress. This also gives our team the ability to clean above and below your pet’s gum line to remove all traces of buildup.

Every teeth cleaning procedure includes:

  • A pre-anesthetic physical exam and possible blood work to check organ function
  • The administration of anesthesia tailored to your pet’s health, size, and age
  • A complete oral exam in which we look for signs of inflammation, tooth decay, and oral cancer
  • Scaling the teeth to remove hardened buildup, then cleaning and polishing each tooth
  • Pain relief, as needed, to minimize any discomfort your pet might experience afterward

Additional services not included in the dental package:

Tooth extractions: When we provide an estimate of the cost of your pet’s teeth cleaning, we cannot factor in tooth extractions, as these can’t be determined until the procedure itself is underway.

Dental X-rays: With dental X-rays, we can assess the condition of each tooth, including the roots and surrounding bone, and detect other issues that are not visible above the gum line.

Fluid therapy: Furthermore, we can recommend fluid therapy during your pet’s teeth cleaning if they are medically compromised or at an advanced age.

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What We Recommend for Keeping Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy

There are several things you can do to manage your pet’s oral hygiene and prevent oral infections and diseases:

  • Brush their teeth once a day if possible, or at least once a week
  • Feed your pet a high-quality diet that supports healthy gums and teeth
  • Invest in (safe) chew toys for your pet, along with vet-recommended dental chews
  • Bring your pet in once a year for an oral health exam