Veterinary Medications

Our Pharmacy

Just like a Human Pharmacy, we carry most of the medications needed for treating your pet’s condition. We also stock the usual range of preventative medications which can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

Prescription Medications

These are medications which can only be prescribed by one of our vets after examining your pet. For conditions which require ongoing Prescription Only medications, we may able to dispense more medications without the need to re-examine your pet for a specific period of time. After this time, we will need to see your pet in order for further medications to be dispensed.

Why can’t I buy Prescription Medications from you even if I am a client of yours?

In order for us to dispense a Prescription Only medication, we need to conduct a full clinical examination of your pet. This ensures we prescribe the right medication/s at the correct dosages for the diagnosed condition. This is the law and cannot be challenged.

Why are Prescriptions Medications for Animals so expensive when compared to Human Medications?

Many human medications are heavily subsidised through the Government and Medicare system. This is why you’ll rarely be aware of their ‘true’ cost. Unfortunately there is no such scheme for animal medications even if they are similar or the same as their human counterparts. This is why we always urge pet owners to consider taking out pet insurance to offset the costs of veterinary care.Pet medications

If we find a human equivalent of a prescribed medication for your pet’s condition, we may be able to provide you with a prescription which will enable you to buy this from your pharmacist at a subsidised price.

What’s the best way to order more Prescription Medications for my pet?

Please give us a call or send through a repeat medication request if you are getting low on your pet’s medications. This allows us enough time to authorise and prepare the medications and have them available for you to collect at your convenience.

Also, some medications may need to be specially ordered in for you so they may take a day or two to arrive from our supplier.

Non Prescription Medications

These include preventative products such as Intestinal wormers, Heartwom medications, Flea & Tick products, Shampoos, Vitamins and Supplements, Hills Prescription diets and a selected range of premium dog and cat foods.