Collaborative Pet Care Benefits

We employ 10 Veterinarians in our practice – all with different levels of experience and expertise just like any other multi – vet clinic.

Our difference is that we encourage collaboration on all cases – particularly those which fall outside the common or routine.

Please do not be concerned if your attending vet takes time out to confer with a colleague at any time during a consultation or refers you for further discussions with another vet in our practice. This simply means they are trying to do the best by you and your pet by running their findings by others. It also is an integral part of their individual learning experience in advancing their skills.Veterinary Consultations

We conduct daily rounds at our practice during which all rostered vets can take time to discuss their cases and seek further advice from experienced peers. This means you benefit from multiple opinions instead of being limited to the opinion of a single vet who may not have the specific knowledge experience to provide you with the best possible information at the time.

No single vet can possible be an expert at everything – this is why respecting our team consulting approach becomes extremely relevant for you.

Some of our vets have more highly honed Large Animal and Equine skills and knowledge, some are highly experienced in Advanced diagnostics such as Ultrasound, Radiology or CT Scanning, and others are recognised experienced surgeons.

We rely heavily on internal referrals between individual team members to produce the best possible outcomes for your pets.

Less Need for Specialist Referrals

Because of our internal team consulting there is less need for referral to Veterinary Specialists. Having access to advanced services all under one roof is a far more convenient way to manage your pets ongoing treatment. Not only that – you also save money along the way due to less requirement for travel elsewhere for individual services and a lower fee structure as compared to Specialist Centres.