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Farm Animal & Equine Services 2019

Over 25 years ago when we set up practice – Whittlesea was a very different place. Our vets would be out on the road for most of the day pulling calves, gelding horses and treating all manner of farm animal ills.

Nowadays – with houses in place of farms and cats and dogs replacing the farmyard pets there is no longer sufficient daily demand for these services to be able to employ the number of veterinarians needed to provide 24/7 coverage for farm visits.

Add to this a national vet shortage which means there are even less vets available who are experienced and skilled in farm animal medicine and surgery.

Farm Animal Vet Services Whittlesea

Since April 2018 we have been forced to substantially reduce our large animal services because we no longer have sufficient large animal experienced vets on our team to be able to provide a 24/7 farm visit veterinary service. This means there will be days and times when we will be unable to attend your property.

Who can you call for Farm Animal Veterinary Care?

We’re sorry however there is no easy answer this. Many other practices in the area that used to offer after hours farm visits are no longer offering this service either. They are facing the same issues as we are.

This has made the decision for us to even harder because we have little scope for providing you with other suitable options.

We know animals can get sick at any time however your chances of having vets available to come to your property are much greater during normal business hours than during the night or weekends. This means if you notice your animal is unwell – please organise a veterinary visit as soon as possible. This means vets who offer this service have some flexibility in getting out to you.

Please don’t wait until the situation becomes urgent as this ,most likely will always be during those times when veterinary help is hardest to find.