Equine Ambulatory Services

Our ambulatory (mobile) service provides both routine and First-line Emergency Care to your horse on your property during specific times only. This service is for existing clients of our practice only.

Just like our other furry family, horses too need regular checkups to keep them at their peak as well as veterinary attention when they’re sick or injured.

The goal of our ambulatory service is to provide services that can be safely performed and managed on your property.

Horse Vet WhittleseaServices Include:

  • Equine Health Checks & Vaccinations
  • Health Screening – Faecal Parasite counts, Blood tests for underlying illness such as Cushings disease
  • Dental Health Checks and Dental Procedures – Floating Teeth, Minor extractions
  • Lameness workups
  • Hoof care
  • Limb X-Rays and Ultrasound
  • Wound Care and stitch ups
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
  • Equine Acupuncture
  • Regenerative Medicine – PRP, Stem Cell Therapies
  • Pre- Purchase Exams

Our ambulatory service does not include hospital services. If your horse is ill and needs round the clock care, you will be referred to an Equine Hospital just as your pets would be if they required further treatment.

TVP Equine

Our TVP Equine department is headed by lead Equine Vet Dr Sabine Ware healthcare services.

TVP Equine services are available during the following times by appointment:Sabine 2

Mondays – Fridays: 8.30am – 5.30pm only

We do not provide Equine services outside of these hours nor emergency after hours visits.

Where your horse needs urgent veterinary care we will refer you to the closest Equine Hospital.

Equine Emergency Centres

Werribee Equine Hospital


Phone: (03) 9731 2268

Travel time approx. 1 Hour West of Whittlesea

South Eastern Equine Hospital


Phone: (03) 8790 4922

Travel time approx. 1Hour East of Whittlesea