CT Scan Service for Dogs and Cats

Referral CT Scan Service Now Available

Just recently we have installed the new Fidex CT Scan with Fluoroscopy.

This means we no longer have to refer your pet across town for Veterinary CT Scans.

The Fidex CT Scanner utilises the latest Technology and is programmed with algorithms that are specific for Veterinary Practice. This differentiates our CT imaging service from other CT Services which use machines programmed to analyse the Human anatomy.

The main imaging modalities used in Veterinary Practice these days is X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Fluoroscopy and Thermal Imaging. Of these we can offer all except MRI.

The benefit of “In house” CT Scan Facilities is that in cases where CT scan is preferable to either X-Rays or Ultrasound, we can bypass these and go directly to CT without having to refer our patients elsewhere.

Common Uses of CT Technology in Veterinary Practice

  • Diagnosing the type of Arthritic and degenerative changes occuring in the spinal column.
  • Diagnosing Inveterbral Disc Diseases IVD with the assistance of Myelograms.
  • Head CT Scans – for diagnosing space occcupying lesions in the brain
  • Chest imaging – CT scans provide far more detailed images than X-Rays
  • 3D reconstruction of fractures for orthopaedic repair
  • Dental imaging – CT scans provide 3D images of the teeth and jaw.
  • Developmental bone diseases – e.g. FCP in elbow dysplasia in Dogs. (This is often poorly diagnosed from X-Rays alone.)
  • Bone cancers e.g. Osteosarcoma

Referral CT Scan Service

We can provide CT referral Scan services for your pet even if you are not a client of ours. After the CT is performed we send your pet’s images along with an International Board Certified Veterinary Specialist Report to your vet for further action.

For enquiries about our Referral CT services and pricing structure, please contact us via email. Once you have decided to proceed, please download our CT Referral form by clicking the link below.

CT and Other Referral Service Form

Our CT Scanner in Action