Veterinary Consultations

A veterinary consultation is a specific time booked to see a veterinarian to have your pet examined either to address a particular concern or for a preventative health examination to make sure your pet checks out just fine.

In most practices standard consultations are between 15 and 30 minutes long unless multiple issues are involved in which case these may be longer.

Fees will vary between clinics in accordance with their internal policies and procedures.

At our practice, our standard consulting time is 20 minutes with extended consultations being 30 minutes or more depending on the nature of your pet’s presenting problem as well as what we need to cover in that time.

Consultation Fees

Weekdays Standard Consultation 20 minutes: $70.00   (Single issues, Health checks)The Vet Practice Consultations

Weekdays Extended Consultations 30 minutes: $90.00  (Multiple or complex issues requiring extra time)

Saturday Fees: As for weekdays

Sunday and Public Holidays:

  • Standard Consultation: $90.00
  • Extended Consultation: $108.00

After Hours fees apply to all consultation outside of our daily clinic opening hours at Whittlesea and South Morang.

Please note: Any fees stated on this website are current however may be subject to change.

If your pet requires further treatments outside of what can be provided in a consultation, the vet will prepare a Medical Treatment Plan along with estimated costs for you.

Your Consulting Vet

We try hard to match up veterinary expertise with your pet’s stated presenting concern when making the appointment for you. Straightforward or preventative examinations can be booked for any vet however for more complex issues requiring additional expertise we prefer to schedule your appointment with a more senior vet or for one whose area of interest most closely matches your pet’s presenting problem.

In saying this however, all our vets are encouraged to confer with other associates during a consultation should they need to draw on additional expertise or to verify a particular treatment protocol. This is not a shortfall but a huge benefit to you and your pet, reflecting our collaborative approach to quality animal care.