What is Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Our Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine services combine latest integrative technologies with medical and physical therapy expertise to support the needs of our Canine athletes.

The aim of Sports Medicine is to prevent, diagnose and treat common injuries sustained by your dog through sporting activities.

We offer a variety of surgical and non surgical treatment options to help your dog recover after injury and restore function to pre-injury performance levels.

We also offer tailored Rehabilitation and Canine Fitness Programs to help your dog perform at his or her best.

Canine Sports MedicineThis service is directed by our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Vet Dr Malcolm Ware – supported by our team of integrative Vets (Dr Tristan and Dr Rebecca) and Rehabilitation Technicians Ashlee and Rebecca.

Canine Sports Medicine  Diagnostic & Treatment Options

These include a combination of:

Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Appointments

All Rehabilitation consultations are booked for Our Rehabilitation Vets. They are the only ones that can conduct a professional orthopaedic assessment.

To assist with this we ask you to bring along or email us a copy of your dog’s complete history as well as any X-Rays and other diagnostic reports that are relevant to your dog’s condition.

Once we understand your dog’s specific problems we will be able to provide you with a diagnostic and treatment plan.