What is Arthroscopy?

This is a surgical procedure that allows to examine and treat (if necessary) the inside of a joint in a minimally invasive fashion.

A tiny viewing instrument called an “Arthroscope” is used to visualise the area of interest and the magnified image is then projected onto a video monitor. Two small incisions are made – one for the Arthroscope and one to allow entry of the small instruments. This is much less invasive than traditional methods involving opening up the joint completely through a much larger incision. (Open arthrotomy)

Advantages of Arthroscopy

Some of the advantages of Arthroscopy over traditional methods of viewing and repairing joint problems include:

  • Less pain and quicker patient recovery due to the smaller incisions and reduced tissue trauma.
  • More accurate and complete visualisation of the joint and surrounding areas due to magnification.
  • Less scar tissue produced.
  • Less hospitalisation required. Patients can go home sooner.
    Veterinary Arthroscopy

We Use Arthroscopy for:

  • Treatment of meniscal injuries in the knee
  • Confirmation of tears in ligaments and tendons which can’t be visualised on X-Rays.
  • Treatment of fragmentation of the coronoid process in the elbow (FCP)
  • Removal of OCD lesions from the shoulder, hock, elbow and knee.
  • Assessment of hip joints and other areas of interest.

Is Arthroscopy more expensive than Traditional Methods?

While arthroscopy is not inexpensive, the overall cost of the procedure is balanced with the benefits of less hospitalisation costs, quicker recovery time and possible replacement of other expensive diagnostic imaging techniques.

Our staff look forward to working with you to determine whether your dog may benefit from this procedure.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss surgical options available for treatment of orthopaedic conditions.