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Pet Insurance

For most people their pet is a very important member of their family however it is a sad fact that in emergencies people cannot afford to pay unexpected veterinary fees.

This places great stress on owners and vets alike. To avoid situations like these we strongly recommend that all pet owners consider insuring their pets against unexpected illnesses or accidents.

Now, more than ever is the time to consider taking out a pet insurance policy.

  • Firstly – with the emergence of new insurers the premiums have become increasingly competitive so you’ll benefit from some great deals
  • Secondly – it’s much easier to build a low monthly premium into your budget than a sudden unexpected bill. Especially in these economic times.
  • Finally – Veterinary Fees can be expensive – especially when your pet needs more than just routine care.

Just imagine not having to worry about large Veterinary bills for the remainder of your dog or cat’s life. What a relief!

All you have to do is shop around for a policy that suits your budget. You’ll find that they all have different levels of coverage and excesses as well as payment options.


We’re not affiliated with any providers so we can’t make any specific recommendations however, here’s a list of pet insurance providers you may wish to check out.

Also check out your home insurance provider. Many of these offer a pet insurance component at very little additional cost.