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At The Vet Practice in Whittlesea, Victoria, we aim to take the uncertainty out of veterinary care and help pet owners meet their animals’ ever-evolving needs.

Pet exams are essential to every dog and cat because they’re the first step we take to provide quality, tailored care for your companion. Puppies, kittens, and adult and senior pets all have their own age-related needs, and our goal is to keep every pet on track from one year to the next. This means screening for illness and parasites, modifying your pet’s vaccination schedule as needed, offering nutritional recommendations, and more.

Because dogs and cats age rapidly, it’s important that we see your pet regularly so we can perform the necessary exams and tests to ensure they’re in excellent health, inside and out.

We offer different consultations depending on your pet's concerns.

These include:

Our reception team will ask you several questions about your pet's concern to determine which consultation would be best for you when you call.

Pet exams in Whittlesea, Victoria

If your pet is due for an exam,
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What is Included in a Pet Exam?

Pet exams can reveal a lot about your pet’s health, though they are limited to what your vet can see, hear, and feel without the aid of a microscope. With pet exams, we:

  • Perform a thorough physical checkup that includes listening to the heart and lungs, measuring weight, and checking body temperature
  • Look at your pet from nose to tail and check for anything abnormal, including lumps and bumps, pale or unusually dark red gums, loose and/or broken teeth, swelling and inflammation, hair loss, bad odor, etc.
  • Check the range of motion of your pet’s limbs for signs of pain, inflammation, and/or stiffness
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The Importance of Lab Tests

To put together a more complete picture of your pet’s overall health, we need to utilise our in-house laboratory. Lab tests provide valuable information about organ function, blood cell count, and more. We can screen for a variety of parasites, including heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms, and recommend the necessary treatment for these and any other existing issues.

We can also use our lab tools for diagnosing and treating skin disorders, urinary tract infections, GI problems, and other conditions. Our team believes that treating symptoms is only scratching the surface; we go further to understand your pet’s health and give them the best treatment.