Payment Options & Pet Insurance

As a privately-owned practice here in Whittlesea, Victoria, we require that all payments be made at time services are rendered. However, we understand that there are times when covering your pet’s medical costs may be very difficult. We do all we can to inform our clients of the costs of our services, including providing “ball park” estimates to give an idea of what the final cost might be.

Veterinary Insurance and payment options in Whittlesea Victoria

Payment Plans

To help pet owners manage unexpected costs, we offer payment plans via a third-party credit provider, VetPay. VetPay allows pet owners to go forward with treatment for their pets and pay for that treatment in affordable monthly installments. VetPay has a high approval rate and offers flexible 6- and 12-month payment plans.

Another option we offer is Openpay, which can help you cover the cost of services exceeding $100. You will have the option of choosing a payment plan that best suits your budget, and can have your payments automatically deducted from the card of your choosing.

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Pet Insurance Providers

Ever wondered if pet insurance would be beneficial to you and your pet? The only way to find out is to do some research! Pet insurance can make all the difference if you’re faced with unexpected and exorbitant veterinary costs, but it isn’t for everyone. Still, there are a wide variety of insurance options out there to suit just about every budget and lifestyle.

Here are some pet insurance companies we recommend learning more about: