New Clients

If you are interested in becoming a client of our practice, we look forward to welcoming you! To get better acquainted with us, take a moment to review a few of our most frequently asked questions and payment and insurance options, and when you’re ready, please complete our New Client/Patient form prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Call our reception team at (1300) 838-254 to organise an appointment.

New Clients in Whittlesea Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Appointments

Do I need to make an appointment first to see a vet?

Yes, we prefer that all consultations be made by appointment. This makes it easier for our team to plan out the day and prevent long wait times for our clients. Furthermore, with appointments, we’re able to allocate the proper amount of time for each patient and assign the appropriate vet to see that patient.

How long do appointments usually run?

We generally allocate 20 minutes for a routine consultation. This usually gives us plenty of time to address most issues and answer our clients’ questions. If, however, we think we’ll need more time to resolve a health issue, we may ask you to keep your pet with us for a little while longer while we take care of our other scheduled appointments. Then we’ll follow up with you pet.

If we know when you book an appointment with us that it will require additional time, we’ll simply allocate a longer amount of time for your appointment.

Can my pet see a specific vet for their appointment?

Yes. Your relationship with your vet is an important one and we respect your need to consult with someone you know and trust. Our vets work very closely together, so if your preferred vet is not available on a day or time that suits you, you can rest assured that another vet can take over your pet’s case for that appointment and pass on all information from that appointment to your regular vet when they return. We keep very detailed medical records to allow for an easy transition between vets, and to review cases as a team.