CO2 Laser Surgery for Pets in Whittlesea, Victoria

What if surgery could be less difficult and uncomfortable for your pet? At The Vet Practice, we use CO2 laser surgery for many of the soft tissue procedures we perform here at our hospital. Laser surgery is superior to traditional scalpel surgery in several ways, and allows our team to provide a higher standard of care to all our patients.

Laser surgery for pets

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How the Laser Works

What’s special about the CO2 laser is that it does not cut through tissue; rather, it vapourises the tissue using a strong beam of laser light. The laser tool itself never comes into contact with your pet, yet it is able to create clean, precise incisions and remove just a few cells at a time. This remarkable technique allows us to perform surgery in delicate areas, such as around the eyes, inside the nose, and in the mouth.

Laser Surgery for pets

What Makes CO2 Laser Surgery Better?

Laser surgery does several notable things to make your pet’s surgical procedure less painful and easier to recover from:

  • It reduces post-operative pain and swelling because the laser seals nerve endings and lymphatics
  • Lowers your pet’s risk of infection, as the laser produces a sanitising effect by destroying bacteria along its path
  • Ensures a speedier recovery for your pet since it decreases pain, swelling, and bleeding

Surgeries We Can Perform with Our CO2 Laser

Some of the most common procedures we can perform with our laser include: