Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Whittlesea, Victoria

If your canine family member needs help getting back on their feet to live a more pain-free and active life, we can help.

With our spacious canine rehabilitation centre, our team can provide a variety of advanced and integrative therapies to help dogs heal and regain their mobility.

Dogs that are elderly, recovering from orthopaedic surgery, obese, or building back their strength after an injury can all benefit from the services our rehab facility has to offer, especially our underwater treadmill and indoor pool. Hydrotherapy is an excellent way for dogs to improve their range of motion and increase muscle mass without risking injury.

Our certified rehab techs and hydrotherapists will work with you and your pet to formulate a treatment plan that addresses their needs and allows them to progress at a healthy pace.

We offer both Pool Therapy as well as Underwater Treadmill options.

Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Call (1300) 838-254 if you’re interested in our hydrotherapy program and would like to schedule an assessment for your pet.

👉 OR you can contact our rehab team directly at: rehabteam@thevetpractice.com.au

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Your Dog

What makes hydrotherapy such a good treatment option for dogs?

  • Being in water reduces weight bearing on the joints, allowing your pet to exercise safely and comfortably
  • Water resistance helps your pet build up strength
  • Your pet can achieve better range of motion in all their limbs with less risk of injury
  • If your pet is trying to lose weight, walking/running in water will help them burn more calories (compared to walking on dry land)
dog in therapy water

Reasons Your Pet Might Need Hydrotherapy in Whittlesea

We’ll evaluate your pet before recommending our underwater treadmill or pool as part of their treatment. Their condition, medical history, fitness level, and pain level will help us determine if hydrotherapy is the right option for them.

We might recommend hydrotherapy for your dog if they are:

  • An athlete or sporting dog, or just need additional exercise to stay active and healthy
  • A senior with limited mobility, and need exercises that are gentle and easy on their joints
  • In the process of trying to lose weight
  • Recovering from an illness or orthopaedic surgery

How We Assess Dogs for Our Hydrotherapy Program

To see if your dog is a good candidate for hydrotherapy, one of our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinarians will perform a thorough rehabilitation assessment. During this assessment, we check your pet from nose to tail and evaluate the joints for limited range of motion and signs of discomfort.

Another way your pet can be eligible for our program is if they are referred to us by your regular veterinarian. With directions from your veterinarian, our trained Hydrotherapists can put together a structured hydrotherapy program for your pet.

For more information or to discuss whether Hydrotherapy would be suitable for your pet please feel feel to email our friendly rehab team at: rehabteam@thevetpractice.com.au 

They will be happy to explain our services and answer any questions you may have.