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We Need Your Feedback

We work hard to make sure things go to plan but – we’re only human, so there’s always a risk of something falling through the cracks.

On busy days someone might forget to pass on a message or maybe you’re not happy with something we’ve done or said.

In any case, please let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate your concern and do something about it.Feedback The Vet Practice

We’re in the Dark – Unless You Tell Us

Our goal is to do the right thing by you and your pets as best we can.

All we ask is for you to work with us in achieving this goal.

Giving us your honest feedback – good and bad – allows us the opportunity to make any changes that benefit not only you but our future clients as well.

No business is perfect and there’s no such thing as a “best” vet – or a day where every case is dealt with perfectly – no matter how good our intentions.

Please help us serve you better by letting us know if we’ve let you down in any way. This gives us the chance to talk things through to hopefully resolve any unmet expectations.

The most effective way to let us know is through email which we check every day during the week. Expect to get a response within 24 hours.

Like What we Do?

Our regular “Thank You’s” come in the form of Chocolates, Baked Treats, Cards & Flowers which we always appreciate. The best feedback however is that which benefits other pet owners in the form of Online Reviews on Google or Facebook. If you could take some time to write something positive about your experience with us we’d be stoked.

Drs Malcolm Ware & Lisa Weldon (Principals and Owners)