Animal Endoscopy in Whittlesea, Victoria

What is endoscopy? It is a minimally-invasive procedure that allows our doctors to evaluate your pet’s lungs, trachea, and gastrointestinal tract for signs of any health issues. The endoscope, with which the procedure is performed, includes a tiny camera that provides our vet team with a clear visual of the orifice. In some cases, we can use our endoscope to retrieve a biopsy sample or remove a growth or foreign body. We’re glad to offer this service here in Whittlesea, as it requires minimal downtime and healing for pets.

Pet Endoscopy in Whittlesea Victoria

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Why Would My Pet Need an Endoscopy?

We might recommend an endoscopic procedure for your pet if they’re having any of the following issues:

  • Chronic vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coughing or gagging
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty passing stool
  • Abdominal pain
  • Possible tumors in the GI tract or airway

Is the Procedure Uncomfortable for Pets?

Your pet should not experience any pain or discomfort following an endoscopy. The endoscope itself is narrow enough to fit comfortably in different passages of the body including the esophagus, trachea, and upper GI tract. Additionally, all of our patients are fully sedated before their procedure.

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What We Can Diagnose with Endoscopy

With the aid of an endoscope, we can learn a lot about your pet’s health, and possibly discover the cause for their illness or abnormal behavior. Some of the things we can see include:

  • Redness and inflammation
  • Ulcers
  • Blockages
  • Tumors
  • Narrowing of a passage

Endoscopy is an extremely useful technique for investigating symptoms, diagnosing their cause, and administering the appropriate treatment. If your pet is having any issues similar to those listed above, please call us at (1300) 838-254 so we can discuss their options.