Emergency Vet in Whittlesea, Victoria

If your pet is showing signs of a serious illness or injury and they need an emergency vet, please contact our hospital right away at (1300) 838-254 so we can help.

We understand that pet emergencies can be extremely stressful; for you and your animal companion. Our professional, caring team will address all of your concerns and attend to your pet immediately to see what needs to be done.

We're able to help you during our normal opening hours and until 10.00pm each night.

After 10.00pm you will need to attend your nearest emergency centre if your pet needs attention straight away.

Emergency Vet Whittlesea

Signs Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet

There are a variety of situations and symptoms that could indicate that your pet is having an emergency. These include:

  • Pain when touched
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Bleeding from ears, nose, mouth, and/or rectum
  • Continuous vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Falling from a high place or getting hit by a car
  • Attacked by a wild animal
  • Struggling or unable to urinate or pass stool
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Potentially has broken bones
  • Sustained an injury to one or both eyes
  • Not eating or drinking for 24+ hours
  • Abdomen feels hard and bloated
  • Ingested something poisonous
  • Has not delivered any puppies or kittens after an hour in labour
Overnight Vet Nurse Care

After Hours Emergency Vet Care in Whittlesea

After 30+ years of providing a 24 hour veterinary service to our local and wider community we have had to adjust to changes in our profession and workforce demands.

With less and less vets available to fill positions we can no longer provide 24 hour vet coverage.

Rest assured however, our hospital patients are well taken care of overnight by our dedicated nursing team.

We can provide immediate Emergency Care until 10.00pm each night After Hours Services

Please call us first if your pet is having an emergency as we are able to see you until 10.00pm each night to provide immediate care.

If your pet is stable we are able to provide the necessary care through nurse supervision and monitoring overnight.

In the event that your pet needs further veterinary care overnight we will need to refer you to an Emergency Centre.

Once more, if you have any urgent concerns about your pet’s well-being before 10.00pm, don’t hesitate to call our hospital at (1300) 838-254.