Treating Ear Infections, Skin Problems, and Cat and Dog Allergies in Whittlesea, Victoria

Our doctors and staff can treat a very wide range of ailments in pets, but ear infections and skin disorders, which are often tied to cat and dog allergies, are some of the most common problems we see. You might have seen the symptoms of such a condition in your own pet--maybe one of their ears is red and swollen, or they scratch and lick continuously at certain areas on their bodies to relieve itchiness. Itchy skin and inflamed ears primarily affect dogs, but they can also occur in cats. At The Vet Practice in Whittlesea, we highly recommend that you contact our hospital if you see these problems in your pet; without treatment, they might get worse and cause other health problems.

Cat and dog ear infections, skin problems and allergies in Whittlesea, Victoria

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Pet Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common in dogs and sometimes cats, and they can be recurring. The most notable signs of an ear infection include:

  • Redness and inflammation
  • Strong, unpleasant odor
  • Yeast buildup in the ear
  • Rubbing and scratching at the ear
  • Ear is painful to touch; pet may cry or yelp at contact

At The Vet Practice, we diagnose ear infections by performing a cytology. We’ll then dispense the appropriate medication to treat the infection, and help you schedule a revisit so we can check in on your pet and make sure their treatment is going smoothly.

Siberian Cat

Skin Disorders

While most of your pet’s skin is covered by fur, dogs and cats aren’t immune to skin conditions. Like us, they can develop dandruff, warts, rashes, ringworm, and many other problems. Often, these conditions can be the result of an allergy, but not always.

Your pet might have a skin disorder if:

  • They scratch, lick, and bite at the same spots on their body every day
  • There are bald patches in their coat
  • Parts of their skin are red and inflamed
  • They have dandruff and a greasy coat
  • You feel dry, scaly patches and scabs under their fur

To diagnose your pet’s condition and find the cause of their troubles, we will need to do a skin scraping test and discuss other possibilities as well. Your pet’s diet could also play a role in their skin disorder, they could have an allergy, or maybe parasites are responsible. Fleas and mites are a common enemy of dogs and cats, but they can be kept at bay with parasite preventatives and regular grooming.

Can Pet Allergies be Cured?

There is no permanent cure for cat and dog allergies. Similar to humans, pets can develop seasonal allergies, or they might be allergic to certain things in their environment, such as grass, pollen, or synthetic fabrics. Allergies, like ear infections, may have a tendency to flare up around a certain time each year. Patience and long-term care are necessary to keep your pet’s symptoms under control so they can maintain a good quality of life and not be hampered by their symptoms. We’re always here to offer advice and provide safe, effective treatment for your companion.

To find out how we can help your pet with their ear or skin problem, call us at (1300) 838-254.