Buying Your Pet’s Prescription Medications Online. What you Need to Know

In today’s world you can buy almost anything online and Your Pet’s Medications are no exception.

However – there are strict rules and procedures that need to be followed in order for you to buy these directly from online Pharmacies.

Prescription Medications vs Open Sellers

First of all you need to understand the difference between Over the Counter medications that need no prescription and those that do.

Open sellers are any medications that you can buy from your vet or online pet stores without the need for a veterinary consultation. These include Wormers, Flea & Tick Products, Heartworm Medication, Prescription Animal Foods and so on.

Prescription Medications are easily identified by their label which will clearly state “PRESCRIPTION ANIMAL REMEDY” or similar. These can only be prescribed by a vet for a specific condition your pet is diagnosed with after a veterinary examination. They CAN’T be prescribed outside of a consultation.

Your vet prepares those medications and you purchase them at the time of your visit.Pet Medications online

Can I ask for a Prescription Instead?

Yes. It is always your right to ask for a Prescription to buy the prescribed medications online. However – if your pet needs to get started on those medications straight away then there’s no sense in ordering these online at that time because of the time delay between ordering and delivery. Clearly your pet needs these meds NOW!

Please note – just as with your human Doctor a script writing fee may apply!

Ongoing Repeat Prescriptions

The real value in buying Prescription Medications from Online Pet Pharmacies is when your pet needs to be on medications for an extended period of time or for the rest of his or her life.

However – keep in mind that pets on long term medications will require regular ongoing visits to the vet in order to keep receiving this medication. This is the Law and can’t be changed.

Depending on your pet’s condition you will need to check in with your vet anywhere from every few weeks to once every 6 months. This allows your vet to monitor your pet’s response to the medication and make any changes as necessary to dosages or type of medication. Your vet can then write a new script to cover your pet until the next scheduled revisit.

The Human Model

This system is the same as the one used in Human Healthcare. You see the Doctor, the Doctor prepares the script and you collect your medications from a Pharmacist. You also can’t get more medications at a later date without a visit to your Doctor or a script provided by your Doctor. In each of these cases – there is usually charge for this service. Either a consultation fee or a script writing fee will apply.

The same rules apply to animal prescriptions.

Sometimes vets will allow your pet to have a repeat prescription without a visit if they are satisfied that your pet is stable and doing well based on your feedback. This decision however is at their discretion only and does not apply to all cases.

Why are Online Pet Pharmacies so Much Cheaper than Vets?

The massive buying power of the large groups allow them to buy the medications at a much cheaper price. Independent vets simply can’t do this. Sometimes we can’t even buy these medications at the prices you can buy them online. So go easy on your vet. This has nothing to do with greed or rip offs – its all to do with buying power and we can’t compete with that!

How to Manage Your Pet’s long Term Medication Needs

Medications can be a significant part of your pet’s ongoing expenses which is why we recommend you take full advantage of any opportunity to source them at a cheaper price.

We are happy to write scripts for our patients if it means you get to save money. All we ask in return is that you respect the legal requirements that go along with this system.

This means – bringing your pet in for his or her scheduled revisit appointments as per veterinary instructions.

Online Pharmacies

Make sure you buy from a reputable online Pet Pharmacy. A reputable company will have an up to date website with contact details listed backed by good customer service.

While we don’t make any specific recommendations – we know that Petceutics (The Animal Pharmacy) has been around for some time now and is a popular choice for many.

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