Why Dental Checks in Consultations Can’t Give us the Full Picture

Our Patients are Reluctant Have you ever tried opening your cat or dog’s mouth and being able to examine every single tooth without them squirming, pulling away or taking a swipe at you? We’re guessing you can’t. And neither can we. Unfortunately – pets just aren’t co-operative when it comes to looking inside their mouths […]

Dog Vaccinations Titer Test

Titer Testing vs Vaccinations For Dogs

Titer Testing Now Available Regular Vaccinations has been the most significant contributing factor in the reduction of serious infectious diseases among our canine companions. Thanks to effective vaccines we now see far less of the core diseases – Canine Hepatitis, Distemper and Parvovirus in everyday practice and deaths from these are rare. While as vets […]

The Vet Practice South Morang

At Last – A New Clinic at South Morang in 2016

Hello Clients We thought we’d write a brief post to let you know that plans are most definitely underway for our proposed new purpose built Veterinary Practice at South Morang. It’s intentionally clean design is in keeping with the look and feel of our surrounding neighbourhood. The internal fit out of course is far more […]

The Vet Practice Blog

Why Our Blog?

How Our Blog Can Help You Over the Years we’ve learned a thing or two about animals (and people) We recognise that everyone is different. By this we mean, our priorities, our beliefs, our values, our opinions about things, the way we do things and see the world and just about in any other way. […]

Why we don’t perform this method of Cruciate Ligament Repair

Confused about Canine Cruciate Surgery Methods?

Modified Spey Procedure for Dogs

Traditional Spey, Ovarioectomy (KeyholeSpey) or Hysterectomy?

This post is for informed Dog owners who have already researched the facts supporting the preservation of hormone producing ovaries.

Post Orthopaedic surgery Dog

How to Confine Your Dog after Orthopaedic Surgery

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Confining Your Pet After Orthopaedic surgery.

Spey Fees – Cheap or Value for Money. What’s Your choice?

Are you preparing to desex your Pet? We hope this article helps you make an informed decision.

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Vet

Boris’ Brave Fight to Walk Again

Meet Boris. The big guy with a big goal.

Horse pre-purchase check

What is a Horse Vet Check?

Looking to buy a horse? Learn how a pre-Purchase Examination can give you the best possible chance of a good match.