Don’t Let Your Pets Fall Victim to Snakebite this Summer

How to minimise the risk of your pets being bitten by snakes and what to do if you sucpect they have.

Avoid the After Hours panic – Be Prepared!

Do you know who you can ring when your regular clinic is closed? And more importantly, do you know how you can get there quickly if needed?

Happy New Year and Thank You to all our Clients

We’d like to wish all our clients who have supported us over the past year and beyond all the best for a healthy and happy New Year.

Over the Phone Advice

While we can certainly provide general pet health information over the phone we cannot diagnose a specific problem without actually examining your pet.

Do you know your wormers?

We often find that clients are using products but are unsure about their specifc actions. This can become very confusing for both of us.

How to Choose the Right Foods for Your Dog

With so many different varieties and brands available it can get confusing. However, you should apply the same rules to selecting a pet food as you do to choosing foods for your own family.

Summer’s Nasty little Hitchikers!

Although we may not believe that Summer has actually arrived, this hasn’t deterred this nasty little enemy from attacking dogs in the neighbourhood.