Beware The Canine Rehabilitation Expert

What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know When Choosing Rehabilitation Services for Your Dog

With popular Canine Rehabilitation now being integrated into mainstream veterinary services, its time we laid out a few facts about this unique therapy so you don’t risk placing your dog’s health in the wrong hands.

If you book a consultation with a human Doctor or Physiotherapist, you automatically assume they are qualified so of course you wouldn’t ask to see their credentials because you don’t need to. In the human world, the title of Doctor or Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Podiatrist etc is strictly controlled by individual governing bodies so it’s hard to claim you’re something you’re not.

Unfortunately this is not the case when applied in the animal health field where we see an abundance of “therapists” of all different kinds – not all of whom are qualified in their “claimed” area of expertise.Canine Rehabilitation

One such modality which is beginning to fall victim to this lack of regulation is Canine Rehabilitation. Every day we see evidence of more people (including veterinarians) using this term to attract people like you to their business because they can.

The goal of this post is to enlighten you about this particular area of expertise – hopefully to help you make the right treatment decisions for your pet..

[tweet_box design=”box_07″]The Study of Canine Rehabilitation is NOT Included in a Veterinary Degree[/tweet_box]

Don’t assume your vet is qualified in Rehabilitation.

Canine Rehabilitation is a separate and unique modality of study governed by it’s own strict certification criteria. This means anyone offerering Canine Rehabilitation Services must be able to provide proof of certification and can legally use the letters CCRT after their name.

Only a vet with the required training in Animal Rehabilitation can provide whole body care, prescribe needed medications and perform a diagnostic evaluation prior to designing a rehabilitation treatment plan.

We recommend you ask to see evidence of their qualifications before consenting to treatment.

[tweet_box design=”box_07″]A Human Practitioner is NOT an Animal Practitioner[/tweet_box]

A Human Doctor or Physiotherapist or Chiropractor is no more qualified to treat your pet than vets are qualified to treat humans – period.

Animals are NOT people and no one should be manipulating, massaging or adjusting without proven knowledge of the underlying anatomy and physiology of their patient. Exceptions to this only apply when a practitioner is qualified across BOTH fields as in the case of a person holding the title of Animal Physiotherapist.

An Animal Physiotherapist has qualified in Human Physiotherapy first and has gone on to complete a Masters Level Dregree in Animal Physiotherapy, a total of 8 years of combined study. They are registered members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association which entitles them (and no other) to use the term Physiotherapy in their communications.

So steer clear of the practitioner who has done a six week course in “natural therapies” and calls themselves an animal physiotherapist or rehabilitation therapist. You don’t want someone who is less qualified than your hairdresser to be manipulating your pet.

An Underwater Treadmill (Hydrotherapy Unit) Doesn’t Certify Anyone in Canine Rehabilitation

An underwater Treadmilll is great for SEO and drawing a crowd but it’s only part of many tools used in an individualised Canine Rehabilitation Program. Other modalities commonly applied in a rehabilitation program include: Acupuncture – Laser Therapy – EMS – Massage Therapy and therapeutic exercises using specific techniques and equipment.

In addition – any such equipment used incorrectly or without proper diagnosis by a qualified therapist can do more harm than good.

We are Certified in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy

Our Canine Rehabilitation programs are designed and overseen by our own Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Dr Malcolm Ware – the first Vet in Australia to complete the Certification through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in America.

Our Acupuncture services are provided by Dr Tristan Maugueret who is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture.

If you believe your pet may benefit from our Rehabilitation Services – please give us a call. We would be delighted to help you.