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Our Practice

We are a full-service animal hospital dedicated to progressive healthcare for cats and dogs. Our approach to animal care is based on modern leading therapies designed to help pets live longer and healthier lives.

We can tailor treatment plans that takes into account your pet’s individual circumstances, and needs as well as your own.

More than just a general practice – we are also an advanced diagnostic and care facility

Whittlesea VetOn a daily basis we are – an Emergency Centre where sick and injured animals are rushed to us, a Regular Clinic for routine Health Check ups and Vaccinations as well as often an intensive care unit.

At the same time we do surgery, take care of our inpatients day and night, counsel people when faced with difficult and emotional decisions as well as solve a diverse range of problems every day.

To ensure that all our patients receive the best possible care and benefit from our collective expertise – we collaborate on all the more complex cases that come our way on a daily basis.

You might see one vet for your visit however this vet is part of a team that works together to create the best possible treatment plan for your pet – for the best possible outcome. 

Our clients trust us to help carry the care of their pets in our hands and guide them through the steps they need to take. This includes our whole team of Vets and Nurses.

While its our Vets who make the diagnosis and create the treatments plan – it is our Nurses who make sure this happens. That they’re kept pain free and comfortable, walked and cleaned, fed and observed, medicated as needed and given cuddles to make them feel at home. They’re also in charge of keeping you updated on their progress.

For many of our clients – we are like family which given we are a family owned practice – makes us proud.