Our Facilities

Advanced Surgical & Diagnostic Equipment

Our practice houses the finest of equipment and diagnostic facilities like those you’ll find in most Animal Emergency Centres.

Working with good equipment is absolutely critical to doing our job. Without it we wouldn’t be able to diagnose and treat the variety of different illnesses and injuries we see every day. And in situations where we need answers quickly, having powerful diagnostic tools at our fingertips can help save lives.

Digital Radiography

We use top of the line Digital Radiography. This technology allows us to produce diagnostic quality images which capture even the smallest abnormalities.

Given our orthopaedic surgery case load – high quality X-Rays are absolutely necessary for us..

Full In House Laboratory Suite

Our modern laboratory equipment allows us to run a large variety of important tests which are used for patient monitoring and diagnostic work ups. Because we don’t have send these samples to an external lab for processing we can get results faster and start appropriate treatment sooner.In house Vet lab whittlesea

We also have modern dental equipment which allows us to give your pet’s teeth a professional clean and polish.


The ultrasound gives us information on your pet’s internal health that an X-Ray can’t. It can detect internal organ and tissue abnormalities as well as confirm pregnancies.

Modern Theatre equipment

Our operating theatre is equipped with the finest in patient monitoring equipment to keep your pets safe whilst under anaesthesia. For added peace of mind, we use only safe gas anaesthesia for all our surgical procedures – the Gold Standard in Veterinary Surgery nowdays.

Centralised Surgery

There are many reasons why we’ve chosen to centralise our surgery and intensive care at one location. (Whittlesea)

This decision was made with your pets’ safety in mind.

  • We can afford to outfit the surgery with the best equipment. This would be unaffordable if spread over multiple locations.
  • If complications arise at any stage sufficient experienced staff are available to provide assistance
  • Less experienced vets can be adequately supervised and assisted if necessary.
  • We can assemble a team whose skillset matches the complexity of the procedure
  • Patient recovery post surgery can be more closely monitored
  • Patients admitted for surgery at our other locations are transported and returned in our specially outfitted animal ambulance.


This equipment and tecnique allows veterinary surgeons to examine and treat diseased and dmaged joints via key hole surgery. This technique is less invasive than traditional joint suregry resulting in smaller wounds, less post operative pain and faster healing.


This is a diagnostic procedure in whih a flexible endoscope is inserted through your pet’s mouth and into the lungs while under anaesthesia. The high tech optics allow us to examine your pet’s respiratory tract to enable a more accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition.


This wonderful tool allows us to look inside your pet’s body by inserting a scope through just a tiny incision. The optic fibres attached to the end of the endoscope provide visual images of your pet’s internal organs and cavities which are projected onto a video screen for enhanced viewing.

Fabulous benefits of using endoscopy:

  • We can see inside your pet’s body – even take biopsy samples without having to create a large incision
  • Less pain and faster recovery for your petVeterinary CT Scan Whittlesea
  • More accurate diagnosis without adding unnecessary trauma

CT Scan Service

We also have our own in house CT Scanner for Dogs and Cats which means we no longer have to refer you elsewhere for this service.