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Standards Of Care

Every Veterinary Practice is Different

Every veterinary practice is unique in the way they do things, the services they offer, the equipment they have, the medications they use, their standards of care, what they include in procedures as well as the prices they charge for their services.

If you are comparing different practices then all these things – not just price needs to be taken into account.

We made a decision long ago to run a practice that stays current with the latest developments in Veterinary Medicine and adheres to “best practice” standards of care. This is made possible only through dedicated effort, ongoing learning and reinvesting in our people and our business.

The majority of our clients expect nothing less than best practice diagnostics and treatment options for their pet. Many of them come from all over Victoria not only because of our unique combinations of services but also because they trust us to do the right things.

Surgical Procedures

We won’t dismantle procedures to reduce fees as they all play a vital role in keeping your pet safe and pain free during surgery.

We apply Gold Standard protocols to all surgery which includes all the necessary pre-anaesthesia patient examinations and blood tests, dedicated staff and equipment monitoring throughout, intra-operative fluid therapy as well as appropriate pain management before and after the procedure.

Post Surgery Care and Patient Rehabilitation

Unlike many practices we can provide the necessary post surgery rehabilitation therapies and pain relief following orthopaedic and other procedures. We never send these patients home the next day. This supportive treatment is critical to a successful recovery.

Diagnostic Procedures

Our latest technology means we can offer most diagnostics in house – on the same day as needed. This means you don’t need to wait or go elsewhere for important diagnostic procedures.

This includes:

  • Ultrasound – Used for Ultrasound Guided biopsy, pregnancy diagnosis, internal organ examination
  • Digital X-Rays – Fractures,
  • Dental X-Rays – For Gold Standard Oral Health Examinations
  • Full In House Laboratory Suite – for instant blood results for our intensive care or emergency patients.
  • CT Scan Technology with Fluoroscopy – Full body detailed 3D internal imaging

These are the same as found in any Emergency or Specialist Centres.

Medical Treatments

We can provide most medical treatments your pet may need. This includes Emergency and Intensive care, overnight care as necessary – supported by modern drug and integrative therapies.

Integrative Care

In addition to the above services we can also offer our clients a full range of integrative therapies as an addition or alternative to traditional patient care. These include Canine Rehabilitation, Veterinary Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Stem Cell technologies.