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General Services Vet Fees

Routine services fees

Set fees are available for routine services such as Consultations – Vaccinations – Desexings and preventative dental procedures.

Please call or Message us on Facebook for prices for routine procedures.

Consultation Fees – Normal Opening Hours Monday – Friday

  • Standard consultation Fee – Single issue (20 minutes) – $80
  • Extended Consultation Fee Multiple issues or Emergency (30 minutes) – $98
  • Follow up revisit consultation – $68
  • Second Opinion Consultations with one of our Senior Vets – from $98

Consultation Fees Sundays and Public Holidays

  • Saturday: Standard Consultation: $98
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: $120

After Hours Consultations

  • Mondays – Fridays 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm – $100 (Non Emergency only)
  • Emergency After hours consultations  7 days – $160

For further information about each of our Consultation Types, please check out the FAQ section below

Payment Terms

All fees are due and payable at the time of service.

A 50% deposit is required on admission for all procedures or treatments

If you need a payment plan we offer both Openpay and VetPay as a 3rd party credit provider for amounts over $100


What is a Standard Consultation?

Our Standard Consultations are 20 minutes long. These are ideal for:

  • Vaccinations where your pet is otherwise healthy
  • Where you are concerned about a single problem your pet may be experiencing such as being unwell, itchy ears, sore eyes, lumps, dental issues, lameness problems and so on


What is an Extended Consultation?

An extended consultation is 30 minutes long. It’s needed for more complex conditions that take extra time to cover.

These include:

  • Skin conditions – the vet may need to test a smaple of your pet’s skin
  • Multiple issues – where you are concerned about more than one thing about your pet
  • Second Opinion Consultations – where the vet needs to review your pet’s veterinary history in order to make further decisions


When do your After Hours Fees Apply?

After Hours Fees Weekdays apply to all consultations after 8.00 pm:

  • Standard consultations are $100 until 10.00pm and $150 after that


  • After Hours Fees apply after 5.00pm

Sundays and Public Holidays

  • Sunday and Public Holiday Consultation rates apply between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm followed by After hours fees after that time
When does a Revisit Fee Apply?

A Revisit fee applies to all follow up consultations that relate to the original concern until your pet’s condition is resolved.

This is why they are cheaper than an original standard consultation. They are also referred to as Progress visits or Progress Exams which mean the vet is assessing your pet’s response to the current treatment plan or recovery from an illness or injury.