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Payment Terms

Because we are a privately owned practice and not funded in any way through bequests or donations, we require payment of all accounts at the time of service.

To help you budget for the more routine services such as Consultation, Vaccinations, Desexings – we can provide you with the fees before or at the time of service.

For non routine procedures and medical treatments it’s more difficult to give you a specific fee because the degree of complexity and patient response simply can’t be predicted.

To get around this problem we offer you a “ball park” fee estimation – usually based on a best case vs worst case scenario and updated as necessary on a daily basis for long term treatments.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Eftpos and Cash and direct funds transfers.

veterinary fees can be expensive

It’s no secret that veterinary fees, particularly for advanced services or intensive care can be expensive. This is because these services involve specific skills and knowledge and often require special equipment as well as extended recovery times.

This will be the case no matter where you go.

Treatment Options to suit your budget

Where treatment options are available we are more than happy to tailor a plan to suit your budget.

Need a Payment Plan?

We can offer payment plans through VetPay – a third party credit provider.

VetPay enables you to start treatment for your pet straight away and paying for it over time.

Vet Pay Benefits:

  • High Approval rates
  • Pensioners welcome
  • Flexible 6 or 12 month payment plans.

We can assist you with the pre – approval process before the commencement of your pet’s treatment.

Internal Payment Plans

If you are a regular client with a proven payment history with our practice, an internal payment plan may be possible however these are strictly limited and based on very specific criteria.


We can now offer Openpay as another payment plan option for all veterinary services over $100.
If you want to pay via Openpay – please make sure you have registered with them beforehand.