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Patient Admission & Discharge

 Admitting Your Pet for Surgery or other Procedures

Patients are generally admitted on the morning of the scheduled procedure from 8.00 am – 10.00 am.

If you find this time difficult due to work or other commitments we offer admissions between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm the previous evening. Boarding for this purpose is FREE.

Please allow around 15 minutes for admission in order for us to complete the appropriate paperwork and make discharge arrangements.

During this time we will discuss the options and benefits of Pre-anaesthetic blood tests and intra-operative fluids.

Please let us know whether you want your pet to have any additional treatments such as vaccinations, microchipping, worming or nail clipping during their stay.

Because we can bundle different services together at the one time, we can provide some of these at a discounted rate.

Don’t forget to fast your pet the night before!

All Adult Dogs and Cats booked in for surgery must be fasted from 10.00 pm the night before. Please do not allow your pet access to any foods from this time.

Water is allowed overnight.

Rabbit Surgery

All small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents do NOT need to fast prior to surgery. Please allow access to foods as normal and bring in some of their normal food on the day of the procedure.

CT Scan and X-Rays

In order to obtain diagnostic Quality X-Rays, patients admitted for X-Rays will often require short anaesthesia. If the site to be imaged is potentially painful then this is particularly important. Correct positioning of the patient as well as no movement is critical to obtaining clear images. This is often difficult in a fully awake cat or dog.

All CT Scans require full anaesthesia.

Patient Discharge Procedures

Discharges for routine or “Day Procedures” are usually scheduled between 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm. This is to allow ample time for your pet to recover from anaesthesia and be fully ambulatory.

You may be asked at the time of admission or when we update you during the day on your pet’s progress whether you would like your pet to be fitted with an e-collar or other wound protective aids on discharge.