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Through our practice we can offer almost every procedure and treatment your pet may ever need

This includes anything from routine consultations and surgery right through to advanced diagnostics, orthopaedics and intensive care without having to refer you on elsewhere.

The practice owners are Dr Malcolm Ware and Dr Lisa Weldon who between them have over 45 years of experience in both veterinary medicine and surgery. Supported by many other vets and a competent nursing team, there’s not a lot we can’t do to help your animal companions.

While we have all the latest diagnostic equipment on hand to find out what’s really wrong with your pet, we don’t believe it’s the be all – and end all to practicing good medicine.

To deliver true excellence in veterinary medicine we need to look beyond drugs and surgery and take a more “holistic” approach to disease prevention and treatment . We do this by combining a number of modalities to support your pet’s recovery and restore quality of life.

We are also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practice which means all our rehabilitation services are performed under the guidance of Certified Rehabilitation Veterinarians.

Some other things about us:

  • We’re privately owned and managed which means we can focus on what matters to our clients – not shareholder profits
  • We stay on top of what’s happening in our profession by engaging in further education and regularly attending conferences and seminars.
  • We do a great deal of our own research into the methods we use and the products we recommend.
  • We work as a team and discuss all our cases on a daily basis with each other. This is one of the benefits of a multi – vet practice. If a case is particularly challenging we can put our heads together to find a solution. Even if this means trying something different.
  • Some clients come to us as an alternative to specialist care and are looking for options. Unfortunately, too often clients are given “specialist only” options for advanced procedures when many of these can be performed locally by suitably experienced General Practice Veterinarians.