Certified Canine Rehabilitation Vet

Boris’ Brave Fight to Walk Again

Hello I’m Boris and All I want to do is walk again.

Every month a few “special needs patients come through our doors and “Boris” – here is one of them.

Certified Canine Rehabilitation VetBoris came to us after losing his ability to walk after spinal surgery at a Specialist Clinic almost 6 months ago. Since that time his carers have taken him to various therapists across town to help with his rehabilitation but so far there’s been little progress.

Neurological cases like this are extremely challenging as recovery from spinal damage is often lengthy and never guaranteed.

An American contact put Boris’ owners in touch with us as they knew we are certified in Canine Rehabilitation and have the supportive modalities and equipment to provide the necessary daily therapies.

Each day Boris participates in various therapies including Hydrotherapy, Treadmill walking (with support), Electro-Acupuncture, Therapeutic exercises and Laser treatment. Just as important however are his daily motivational exercises and games to help him retain the necessary desire to succeed.

As expected for this kind of condition, progress is slow however we are seeing small improvements every day. It is our ultimate hope that Boris can reach a point where he has gained enough stability and movement in his hind legs to allow him to be fitted to a special cart which he can use as supprt to get around.

At present Boris is staying with us full time in respite care while his dedicated owners take a much deserved holiday.

Fingers crossed we can help make a difference in these wonderful people’s lives.