Compounded Pet Medications

Do you Know About Compounded Pet Medications?

What are Compounded Pet Medications

Compounded medications are customised medication for patients

The goal of compounding is to help the patient along with the veterinarian or Doctor achieve the most positive therapeutic outcome.

Compounding is NOT manufacturing and the products prepared don’t replace an existing commercial product. Rather, compounding provides prescribers and patients with a tailored medication solution to meet a particular patient need or replicate a discontinued or unavailable product.

Compounding can help vets work around a number of challenges such as:

  • Lack of approved medications for many species
  • Discontinuation of medications traditionally used for humans but are still needed for animals
  • Problems with the strengths of commercial medications or some of their ingredients

Compounding can also be a life saver for owners who have trouble administering medication to their pets.

If your normally docile, easy going Labrador runs a mile at medicine time – Compounding a more palatatable medication may be the answer.Compounded Pet Medications

Compounding medications can come in a variety of what are called “Dosage Forms.: i.e. Capsules, Pastes, Suspensions, Liquids.

Sometimes multiple medications can be combined into one dose which can be a great solution for pets which are on multiple medications a day for the long term.

Popular Dosage forms include:

  • Oral Pastes – one of the best options for many animals from dogs to turtles
  • Capsules – compounding can provide the right dose in the smallest possible capsule to promote acceptance by your pet
  • Treats – using familiar flavours and textures like dry dog or cat food, dried liver, fish flakes etc. Some drugs can be turned into a treat treat for your pet.

Many of our pets who need long term medication are already enjoying the benefits of compounded medications.

If you’d like to know more about compounding, talk to your veterinarian and they’ll be able to advise whether compounding may be a suitable option for your pet.

Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

Pain Meds for Dogs and Managing Their Long Term Comfort

Could Your Dog Be in Pain and You Just don’t know it?

We know just how easily pain can be overlooked in our pets because unlike us – animals try very hard not to show it because it goes against every instinct they have.

Sadly though, it means owners often don’t pick up the subtle behaviours that indicate pain and just assume they’re slowing down or losing interest in things they used to like because of other reasons.

Please – don’t make this assumption. These signs are extremely important and should always be part of your conversation when speaking with your vet. During a routine check up, vets are not always going to pick up these signs automatically. We all know that animals show a very different face when in an unfamiliar environment which can “cover up” lots of different problems – including pain.Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

And if you find your pet’s actions hard to describe – take whatever evidence you have to help explain what you’re seeing at home. Videos are a great example and they’re so easy to take with mobile phones.

Nobody Wants their Pet to be in Pain

For us it’s a scary thought wondering how many animals could be passing through our doors without us being alerted to possible signs of pain. At the same time, we know you’d be very upset to find out your pet is experiencing pain and you simply didn’t know. So please always raise any such concerns when you see your vet.

Still Unsure? Ask for a Pain Trial

If you or your vet has any suspicions that your pet may be experiencing pain, a Pain Trial can be a great option to remove doubts. A pain trial involves your vet prescribing suitable pain medications for a 5 – 7 day period. If your pet starts to behave differently such a being more active or alert then you’ll know conclusively that pain was an issue.

This can now help your vet plan a long term pain management strategy for your pet.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Please do NOT conduct your own Pain Trial with human medications at home. This can be fatal for your pet. Human pain medications are NOT suitable for animals.[/tweet_box]

Long term Pain Management Options

You need to be aware that there are many different long term pain management options available for animals which may include any combination of the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory pain meds
  • Potent Nutraceutical Supplements: Including Glyde for Dogs, Seaflex for Dogs and Cats, Fish Oils, Rosehip Vital Canine
  • Injectible DMOADS including Pentosan and Zydax and of course
  • Natural Therapies such as Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Rehabilitation Therapies, Laser Therapy

There is No Excuse for Pain

Pain management is an important part of managing any disease whether this be for acute or chronic (long term) conditions. And with all the modern therapies available nowadays – there is never any excuse for an animal having to lead a compromised life life due to pain.

So – if this is an issue you’d like to explore- give us a call. Our practice offers the full spectrum of modern pain management therapies.