Vet Bills

How to Make Vet Care More Affordable

Meet Eve and Macy

Eve is one of our typical clients, proud owner of 5 year old “Macy”, a delightful miniature poodle which she loves to bits. She’s a regular at our practice, most of the time just popping in to collect the necessary worm tablets, food and Flea control and staying for a bit of a chat. Every year she also makes an appointment for Macy’s full checkup, vaccination and heartworm injection and so far – keeping Macy fit and healthy hasn’t been a problem.

Until – Macy has a fall!

She’s hurt herself – somehow after jumping off the couch. At first Eve didn’t worry too much as she’s done this sort of thing before and despite a small limp for a day or so, Macy seemed to recover and was back to her normal self again.

However – this time was different. Macy squealed when she tried to put her back leg down and totally resisted any attempts Eve made to try and make her more comfortable. It was clear that this time she’d done something a little more serious to herself and so we see Eve arrive at the clinic with a trembling Macy in tow.

After a full examination and X-Rays it was discovered that Macy had indeed done herself some harm and will need surgery to repair a damaged joint. One one hand Eve is relieved that Macy’s problem could be “fixed” but on the other hand she was concerned that she didn’t have the available funds to pay for the procedure right now when Macy needed it.

This had her worried more than anything else. Thanfully we were able to offer Eve Vet Pay – a convenient way to pay for veterinary treatment over several months.This meant Macy could have the surgery right away – (when she needed it) and Eve’s concerns over how she was going to pay for Macy’s surgery were resolved.Vet Bills

Now – this may be only one story however we see lots of Eve’s and Macy’s every day.

Although many trips to the vet are for routine treatments that we can all budget for, many others are not. They are made up of unexpected injuries and illness that never happen at a good time.

Our job – aside from taking care of your pet’s health is to help provide the different options available to help you pay for veterinary services when needed.

So far – Vet Pay ticks all the boxes when it comes to a third party credit provider..

Benefits include:

  • Fast and easy pre-approval process – You have peace of mind knowing that you have been approved for a designated amount of funds. It means your pet’s treatment can start right away.
  • Easy application process – We can process the application for you while you wait
  • High Approval rates – Most applicants are accepted for a specific limit.
  • Pensioner applications accepted
  • Low application fee of $35.00
  • Payment plans for 6 or 12 months available depending on amount of funds borrowed.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out Vet Pay to see if it’s right for you.

Vet On Call

After Hours Emergency and Veterinary Care

Who do you turn to when your pet becomes sick at night?

Try calling your vet at night and chances are you’ll get a recorded message giving details of your nearest Animal Emergency Centre. (After Hours Service) This is common practice as these centres are open when regular clinics are not and have the all the necessary resources (staff, equipment, facilities) to provide the best treatment and care your pet needs.

Most often – your pet will be referred back to your regular vet for further treatment once stabilised or after surgery if that was needed at the time.

Our After Hours Service

We choose to provide a 24 hour service to our clients because not only do we believe it’s an essential part of running a Veterinary Hospital but because we can.

We’ve invested in the same equipment and facilities as Veterinary Emergency centres which means we can run the same diagnostics and perform almost all of the necessary procedures your pet needs at the time. We simply call in the right team to do it.

Emergency Vet

For intensive care patients our duty vet and (nurses if needed) stay on the premises all night to keep an eye on your pet and provide necessary treatments and patient monitoring.

The benefit to our clients is that we already have all your pet’s records on file.

We can access all your pet’s important background information like Vaccination status, previous illnesses and test results which can be extremely helpful when dealing with a recurring or sudden onset illness. It also means we don’t have to repeat any unnecessary tests because of lack of vital information.

Familiarity Helps

Even more important is the relationship we already have with you and your extended family. You may be greeted by one of our Vets you’ve seen before, which can be reassuring when emotions are high and you’re worried about your pet. Likewise, your pet is less likely to stress in a place she knows than an unfamiliar one.

We’re also less likely to ask for full payment before treatment starts (a common practice in Animal Emergency Centres) if you are a regular long term client of the practice and your account has always been in good standing with us.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing worse than having to come up with a substantial deposit in the middle of the night when there’s more important things to worry about.

All payment arrangements can be discussed the following morning

Over the years thousands of emergency patients have passed through our doors after hours all needing veterinary help of some kind. We’ve attended to everything from upset tummies, poisonings, road trauma injuries right through to lifesaving surgeries including GDV surgery (bloat)

So although running a 24 hour operation is a challenging and expensive arm of a Veterinary Practice knowing how many times being close and available has saved lives means we wouldn’t have it any other way.

7 Ways to Help Your Dog with Arthritis – Naturally

Discover How we’re Leading the Way in Arthritis Management

Is your elderly pet struggling to get up? Lagging behind on walks? Reluctant to play like she used to?

Chances are – it’s probably arthritis that’s slowing her down.

Years ago you’d take her to your vet and you’d probably be given some anti-inflammatory medications to help manage the pain. Sadly though – that’s all these drugs do. They don’t help heal and just like most drugs – they can have side effects if used for a prolonged period of time.

Thankfully – these days you have many more options in helping keep your dog happy, active and in less pain – without sentencing them to a lifetime course of drugs.

Our practice is leading the way in providing gentle and effective alternatives to conventional drug therapy by offering these options for your arthritic pet.

Laser Therapy

Works incredibly well to help reduce pain and improve mobility in all animals. It’s natural, pain free and totally relaxing for your pet. (Some pets even fall asleep during the treatment which says a lot for its therapeutic benefits) A typical initial treatment plan involves a series 3 – 5 sessions lasting about 10 minutes each over a fortnight. Further maintenance sessions are then organised depending on the severity of the condition and your pet’s response.

Response to date? We’ve been using Laser Therapy for pets in our practice for some time now and love the results we’re getting for our clients. Best of all – our patients love it too!

Rehabilitation Therapy

We are a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practice and use gentle Rehabilitation Techniques to treat a wide range of conditions including arthritis. A Rehabilitation program may include a combination of modalities including special exercises,Therapeutic Massage, EMS and E-STIM. All our patients are under the care and guidance of our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Vet – Dr Malcolm Ware and trained assistants Ashlee & Rebecca.

Canine Arthritis

We design all rehabilitation programs based on an Initial Assessment of your pet’s specific condition. Sessions may be weekly or more frequently to begin with with further top up sessions as needed. Rehabilitation therapy is not just limited to older pets with arthritis and degenerative diseases – we run regular rehab sessions for sporting and agility dogs too to help them perform at their best.

Is your Rehabilitation Therapist Qualified?


Dr Tristan Maugueret is our resident Acupuncturist and he has achieved some great results for some of our arthritic patients. Acupuncture provides drug free pain relief and assists in restoring mobility across a number of different conditions including arthritis and other degenerative diseases.


Yes – we have an underwater treadmill that enables us to provide Hydrotherapy treatment for your dog. Hydrotherapy allows your dog’s joints to move without the pressure of having to support the weight of the body and dogs just love it. The water is warm and treats flow freely.

Hydrotherapy sessions are individualised, tailored to your dog’s specific needs and always under guidance of a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.

Arthritis Injections (DMOADS)

These are special Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Drugs which unlike anti-inflammatories (which treat only the symptoms of the disease) target the progression of the disease.

DMOADS act in multiple ways including:

  • Stimulate cartilage producing cells to produce healthy cartilage
  • Slow cartilage damage
  • Stimulate the production of lubricating joint fluid
  • Reduce swelling and block inflammatory processes

Injections are given weekly for 4 weeks and the course repeated again in 6 months time. Usually you will see a reduction of osteoarthritis signs after 2 or 3 injections.


A healthy balanced diet is fundamental to any pet’s health. However as your pet ages or suffers from disease, additional supplementation of specific nutrients is essential. We use carefully selected products to help counteract the destructive processes associated with arthritis.

Stem Cell Procedure

Stem cell procedure uses your pet’s own stem cells which are then reinjected into affected joints providing proven pain relief and improved mobility. We have performed the Adipose Stem Cell procedure on over 100 dogs – horses and cats so far with very pleasing results. Read more about Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs with Arthritis.

So – if you have a dog suffering from Osteoarthritis or other degenerative joint disease and told that anti-inflammatory medications are your only option – get a second opinion and see whether any of these alternatives can work for you.