Home Hazard for Pets – Electrical Cords

Watch out for the Deadly Electrical Cord

If your place is anything like mine there’s probably a gadget or appliance hooked up to every possible powerpoint all over the house – especially during the holiday season.

And while you might be vigilant in keeping your pets away from obvious toxins – chocolate, grapes, chemicals and other chewable hazards, it’s easy to overlook the humble but deadly electrical cord.

Dogs – and especially Cats are curious creatures so that cool cord dangling from your new Christmas present could easily become the next boredom buster for them.

Dangers of Elecrical cords in PetsSadly – most electocutions are fatal. Your pet stands very little chance when her body’s zapped by 240 Volts of electricity – especially if she’s small.

And if your pet does survive, it’s likely she’s sustained some serious tissue and possibly some internal damage as well.

CC Kitten with Xmas LightsWhat to do if your pet is electrocuted

  • Unplug the power cord from the outlet immediately or turn off the power
  • Check if your pet is breathing – if not administer CPR
  • If your pet is breathing – check her mouth for burns and apply a cold compress to the affected area
  • Cover your pet with a blanket or towel to keep her warm. (She could be in shock so keeping her warm is essential)
  • Take her to your vet immediately

Note: Even though your pet may look O.K to you and there aren’t any obvious burns, it does not mean that no damage has happened. Please still take her to your vet for a full examination.

Also – don’t give your pet any food or water after such an event unless instructed by your vet.

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Happy Christmas Everyone & What’s in Store for 2011

A Christmas Message … from all of us at the Practice

First of all we’d like to than all of you who supported us this last year and of course for the many years before that.

We know you have many other clinics to choose from so – we don’t take your choice for granted.
For us it’s been a year of observation, thought and consolidation.

This has meant:

  • Paying close attention to the changes going on around and inside the profession,
  • Being aware of what our you (our clients) are looking for and
  • Exploring additional treatment options that all animals can benefit from.

2010 has seen us upgrade our In House Laboratory so it’s the newest and best available. An efficient and capable lab is critical to any practice like ours that deals with after hours emergencies and needs results fast.

We’ve got plans on the board for new buildings and locations for both our South Morang and Whittlesea Clinics. Now just need to come to grips with borrowing the funds and hope the fallout from the GFC doesn’t catch up with us.

Greener Communications

We’ve reduced our use of paper by changing from snail mail reminders to SMS messaging and gone online with all our communications. This means you can access the latest news and information through our Website, Blogs, Our Facebook Page and Twitter from now on.

We hope you’ll all join us there and give us feedback on our efforts and what you’d like to see posted.

We’ll do our best to bring all the latest news to you.

New Therapies

In September this year we introduced the New Adipose Stem Cell Procedure to our patients.So far over a dozen dogs with degenerative joint disease and arthritis have benefited from this procedure.

In January 2011 we’ll also be introducing another Drug Free Therapy – Laser Therapy to our list of services. Check out some of the conditions Laser Therapy is useful for. If you think your pet may be a candidate for Laser Therapy – please book a consultation with one of our vets in January.

Watch this space too for our special NEW Senior Pets Program which we’re also launching in 2011. The aim of the program is to keep your senior pets healthier for longer while saving you money!

Keeping up with the Times

As vets, it’s important that we keep up with new diagnostic and treatment developments so we can offer them to you as an alternative to perhaps surgery or medications. We know that many of you are looking for more drug free and less invasive treatment options so we’ve done our best to educate ourselves on these new modalities and tools.

This means not only looking nationally but keeping up to date with what’s happening in the profession globally!

This probably explains why we’ve been one of the few clinics to introduce these new therapies in Australia!

Need a Vet over Christmas?

Don’t forget – we’re available throughout Xmas and the New Year holiday period. Just check out our Public Holiday Hours on the Noticeboard for opening times and emergency availability.

Enough about us

From all of us here at The Vet Practice – we’d like to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

At Last – Affordable Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

Do a Google search on the net and you’ll soon discover there’s quite a bit of excitement around the emerging field of Stem Cell Therapies – both for Humans and for pets.

Sounds incredible. But does it work? And – is it affordable?

Yes – It works and Yes – it’s more affordable than you think

Our Story

We started investigating Stem Cell Therapies over a year ago now and have been using StemVet Activation injections with pleasing results in dogs and horses with arthritis and other joint diseases.

We then discovered the Adipose Stem cell Procedure.

Interestingly enough – it was a client who first asked us to look into the procedure because she wanted it for her old dog who was badly affected by arthritis.

We were interested because we see a lot of dogs suffering from degenerative joint diseases and arthritis and there’s little we can do other than support the disease through medications and injections. For some dogs it meant – lots of meds on a daily basis or the alternative – Euthanasia.

As you can imagine – it was upsetting for all of us to have to euthanase otherwise healthy elderly (and sometimes young) dogs simply because of the pain and diminished quality of life associated with these diseases.

On first investigation – although the procedure was available through vets, the price tag it came with was a little prohibitive. $3,500 or more!

Then a new company Medivet – launched the New In – Clinic Adipose Stem Cell Procedure Kits in Australia this year. With this system the lab processing of the fat sample could be done in house – thereby saving costs. This meant we could now offer this procedure to our clients at a more affordable price.

Our Results to Date

Since September we’ve performed this procedure on a number of dogs with degenerative joint diseases.

Of course – we were all a little skeptical at first. After all – it’s a whole new field of medicine which is still undergoing extensive research. But – the results vets were achieving in the U.S on thousands of dogs and horses gave us hope. So knowing this option existed and not offering it to our clients seemed a little wrong.

You be the Judge

Luckily – for all our patients who have undergone the procedure to date – the results have ranged from pleasing to amazing!.

Some are completely off their medications and all are experiencing less pain and greater mobility. Some are now running where before they could hardly walk. Others are becoming more mobile and active each day.Medivet Stem Cell Procedure

What can we say. Do we really know how it all works on a microscopic level? No.Not even the Scientists fully understand all the factors at play. But they’re working on it.

The in – house Lab

The In House Lab Processing has reduced the cost of the Stem Cell Procedure

The New Zealand launch

The Medivet Stem cell Procedure was launched in New Zealand last week by StemVet NZ. Because Dr Malcolm has performed the Stem Cell procedure on so many patients, he was invited to be a guest speaker to present his findings to the vets over there. Some had already performed the procedure themselves so it was great to discuss and compare each others results.

Thank You

Our lovely client who first asked us to investigate the procedure. All these dogs now have an improved quality of life because you bought it to our attention.

The owners of Matilda, Brendan, Baxter, Brandy, Max, Mitzi, Harmony, Jet, Reedy, Astro ……. and all the others. Thank you for giving this procedure a go, You are the pioneers in all this who have made the decision for other pet owners a little easier.

Keep updated with Medivet Stem Cell Procedure Development and Results