Christmas Message

To all our clients who have supported us through 2009 – we wish you all a happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year…… and thank you!

And that also includes all of you wonderful people (some we’ve never even met) who helped us so much in our work during the February tragedy that impacted not only our practice but the whole wider community for many, many months.

We will be forever grateful to all of you who donated your time, much needed supplies or money to help keep our practice open while we tended to the hunderds of injured animals that came our way.

We hope that 2010 will be especially kind to all of you.

You know, we often get asked whether we’d do it again should another such event ever happen.

Our answer is Yes, although we sincerely hope it never does happen – ever! Anywhere!

Speaking of which however, we are sending up supplies to our volunteer friends in the ACT where fires have again injured a significant number of local animals.

We can do this because you helped us.

Thank You

Discover what our clients are saying about holistic foods

We’re so pleased to hear the improvements pet owners are seeing in their pets simply by changing to a holistic brand of pet food.

We’ve received nothing but great feedback from both the Eagle Pack Holistic and the Artemis Pet food range. Not to mention Dr Bruce Symes’ Vets all Natural Fresh meat and supplements.

Clients are reporting shinier coats, less stool volume and improved vitality across the board. Some are also reporting less scratching and a calmer pet.

Best of all we’re even seeing the desired weight loss in pets on the weight reduction formulas.

You know, it’s not always easy making a decision to move away from the popular big pet food brands however when we get feedback like this, it makes us proud to be different!

So, if you feel your pet’s coat could be shinier or you’d like to be picking up a little less stools from the yard, why not discover the holistic food difference!

10 Top Tips to save on Pet expenses, #10

Ask your vet for a full explanation of all the procedures.

With the increasing demand for high quality care and diagnostic tests – it’s our reponsibility, as Vets to give you information and options available every step of the way.

While some of these are absolutely necessary for the specific situation and cannot be changed, other services may be recommended that you can choose to decline.

Take a routine desexing for example.

This is a fixed fee for a specific surgical procedure and cannot be changed. You may however elect to have a pre – anaesthetic blood test performed before surgery to make sure there’s nothing going on in the inside that we can’t see from a physical exam.

You may also choose for your pet to have intravenous fluids delivered during the surgery to keep her hydrated and make her feel better during the recovery process.

Now while these “options” are good to have and they do serve a very beneficial purpose – they are elective extras that you can decline if you want to.

The point is – always ask your vet about what’s necessary and what’s “ideal” and expect a decent explanation of all the pros and cons of each.