10 Top Tips to save on Pet expenses, #9

Tip No 9: Bundle services together as often as possible.

While we certainly can’t speak for all clinics out there, we know we can save people money by bundling multuple services together during a visit.

Examples include:

  • Discounts apply when 2 or more pets are bought in together to be vaccinated at the one time. Bring all your pets’ yearly vaccinations in line and save.
  • Microchipping is cheaper when combined with other services such as a vaccination or heartworm injection.
  • A nail trim is usually free when combined with a routine consultation such as a vaccination.

Other clinics may have different combinations so check out their unique offers too!

10 Top Tips to save on Pet expenses, #8

Tip No: 8 Get Professional advice

It could save you money in the long run!

We receive regular calls from people asking for general pet care advice and are sometimes astounded by what they’ve been told.

Most of the time the’re being advised by people who aren’t qualified at all but who just love having an opinion. Or they’re discovered some information online which, unless it’s from a credible source can be completely wrong and once again – just someone’s opinion.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wasting money on products that aren’t what you need or just don’t do what you’ve been led to believe they do.

Our advice is to get honest and professional advice from a qualified professional you know and trust.

Ask lots of questions and get the facts. Don’t be persuaded by “special offers” or slick sales talk and if the person selling the product can’t give you all the information you need – leave it be and go somewhere else.

This is particularly relevant to preventative produts such as Flea & Tick products, wormers, Heartworm preventatives, Ear cleaners, foods and supplements.

Sadly too – we’re also seeing an increasing amount of “self diagnosis” whereby people are told to “try this” product or another without having the condition diagnosed by a Vet.

When none of these make an improvement, they’re back to square one, out of pocket and still without a solution.

Had they had the condition diagnosed by a Vet, the correct medications would have been prescribed and they would have avoided uneccesary expenses on products that didn’t work.

With so many competing brands and increasing pressure on salespeople to make a quick sale, some things just fall through the cracks.

Don’t let this happen to you.

10 Top Tips to save on Pet expenses, #7

Just imagine your dog, which has been part of your family since the kids were young requires life saving treatment. You’re suddenly faced with a large Vet bill……..

……….and you’re able to say, “Go right ahead Doctor, do everything you need to do, cost is not a problem.”

Sadly, this doesn’t happen all the time and sometimes very hard decisions are made when unexpected injuries or illnesses occur. This is an emotional situation both for the owners and vets alike.

Fortunately there is a very effective way of avoiding painful decisions like this and that of course is through Pet Insurance.

Sure, we go on about this all the time however, from where we stand we’ve seen the difference insurance cover has made in situations just like this. For many people it’s meant the difference between treatment or no treatment for their beloved pet. A great relief for the distraught family.

We agree that a few years ago, pet insurance wasn’t so hot. In fact the policies were overpriced and full of exclusions. Nowdays however, it’s a different ball game altogether with many new providers on the market offering some great deals.

We urge you to check out the different companies and their policies as many of them now offer reimbursement for elective treatments and surgery as well as the standard injury and illness protection.

Although you’ll be paying a regular monthly premium, it does mean you’ll never burden your family with a huge vet bill – ever!