Handy Pre-Consultation Checklist

Have you ever been asked a question about a product you may be using on your pet but can’t recall the details?

Or maybe you can’t remember the last time your pet was vaccinated or wormed because you’ve left this information at home?

This information is really important for your vet to know when recording the details of your pet’s visit. Any background history we can gather about your pet becomes important – especially in formulating a diagnosis if your pet is unwell.

Sometimes we see people other than the primary caregiver who may not know enough about the pet to provide us with what we need to know.

Comparing quotes… for anthing you buy

For standard procedures, most service companies have a price. The mechanic will have a set fee for a tune up and check over, the carpet cleaner will have a set fee per room and the fencer will have a set fee per metre of fencing (depending on the type of fence you choose).

It’s no different with choosing prices for standard procedures such as desexing, vaccinations, microchipping or consultations. These are all what we call – routine procedures and they all have a set fee. Desexings of course will vary with bodyweight so you’ll be given a cost based on the weight of your pet.

However, this does not necessarily mean the services can be compared by price alone. You need to find out what’s included to get a real idea of value.

The mechanic who charges $40 more for a tune up and service may be checking and or replacing many more things than the cheaper quote. He may use better quality engine oil or brake fluid.

The more expensive carpet cleaner may be using more expensive or environmentally friendly chemicals. The carpets may dry quicker. Who knows.

The point is, you need to find out what you’re actually getting for your money. What’s included, what’s not. What extra length do they go to in assuring safety or quality?

Just because something is routine or standard, doesn’t mean it’s approached in the same way.

It’s no different when seeking out veterinary services. Find out exactly how things are done and what – exactly is included. Medications can vary, approaches to treatment and surgery can vary, anaesthetics used can vary, time can vary. In fact, a lot of things can be different including expertise.

Then decide if any of these things are important to you.

This will give you the much added peace of mind when leaving your best friend at the vet.

The Most Important thing a Dog Needs

Most people would say things like – love, affection, good food, exercise, regular checkups and Yes, these are all important however, the most important of them all is the daily walk.

This daily walk which should be for at least 30 minutes is vital for your dog to “work off” excess energy and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

It also builds trust and respect and reinforces your leadership position in the household.

It’s easy to substitute free roaming in a large back yard for this very important activity however, walking in a controlled and obedient manner is very different (in the dog’s mind) to running free with no direction and focus.

Dogs love to be told what to do – it’s in their genetic makeup to serve and please us. We then reward this loyalty and devotion by providing them with their other needs such as food, shelter, companionship and health care.

So if you and your dog haven’t been out for a while, grab a collar and leash and start exploring the neighbourhood again.

You’ll be surprised how much you and dog will enjoy this daily ritual… and it’s good for both of you!

Eagle Pack Food in short supply

We’d like to let all of you who are feeding your dog or cat Eagle Pack know that this product range is currently in very short supply.

We (along with all other stockists) have been having dificulties receiving stock from our suppliers. At the moment the only products which are available are those which we have on store shelves.

If you need more Eagle pack products, please call in and see what’s still left to buy. If what you need is there – grab it now as we are usure of when the next shipment of food will arrive.

Luckily the complementary range of Artemis foods is always available so if you’re used to feeding the premium meat based Eagle Pack foods then you’ll be equally happy with Artemis.

Be assured that as soon as the produts are available again, we’ll be stocking them.

Are yearly Vaccinations for dogs necessary?

As most of our clients would know, we’ve been offering the new 3 Year C3 Vaccine for dogs for almost a year now.

We offered this vaccine as a choice to our clients as it has been used in the U.S for some time now and became available in Australia last year. Many of you have opted for this new vaccine in response to increasing concerns about side effects of annual vaccinations.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association endorsed the use of the triennial vaccine way back in 2007 but it seems that we in Australia have been slow to adopt this new vaccine protocol.

From our perspective, it’s all about allowing you (the pet owner) to make an infomed decision. If these vaccines are available and endorsed then of course we will offer you this choice.

This very issue has featured in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this month.

Check out the article here.