Save waiting time … please make an appointment

We understand that taking your pet to the vet can often be a last minute decision – for whatever reason.

Whether it be rushing to get that important vaccination before boarding your pet at kennels or dropping in because you’ve just noticed that your pet’s not looking himself – either way, we’d love to know you’re coming and be there for you.

It might just be that if you drop in, there may not be a vet available to see you.

This could be because some are in theatre performing surgery, others out of the clinic on house calls and farm visits or seeing other clients during appointment times.

We run our clinics based on appointments so that we know you’re coming and can be there for you. This saves you waiting unnecessarily until a vet is available.

Even if you have an emergency situation – please give us a call wherever practical.

This gives us a little time to reschedule any non urgent appointments if needed and be prepared for your pet’s arrival.

We understand that you are all busy people too and want to be in and seen as quickly as possible.

Please help us keep this commitment by making an appointment

Thank You.

My dog’s too old to have surgery…

Many People Worry about Old Pets undergoing Anaesthetic

Should this really be a concern?

The truth is that anaesthetic risk has been greatly reduced nowdays through the availability of a range of safe anaesthetic drugs. This means specific drugs can be selected based on the individual needs of the patient.

With anaesthesia – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. An anaesthesia and pain management protocol can be tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

Taken into account is:

  • Age
  • Pre – existing medical conditions
  • Health of vital ogans such as the heart, liver and kidneys
  • Weight

The recommended pre-requisites for all senior pets undergoing surgery however are:

  • A pre – anaesthetic blood test which provides important information about your pet’s internal health
  • Intravenous fluids – administered for the duration of the procedure

So don’t let your pet’s age mean they have to put up with uneceesary pain or discomfort due to fear of surgery.

We have performed many operations on older pets over the years which has given them an improved quality of life they would otherwise not have been able to enjoy.

New Natural Foods for Dogs and Cats

It makes good sense to us to stock only foods that are beneficial to your pets.

So what we have been doing over the past many months is doing some valuable research of our own. This meant looking for foods that are guaranteed to make your pet look and feel healthier.

We have looked for Natural foods that base their protein content on meat proteins, contain no artificial colours and preservatives and have added nutritional supplements.

These products are not as well known as the bigger brands therefore the ultimate proof of their benefits will be in the visible improvement in your pet’s appearance with time.

We have already had some great results with the Eagle Pack Range and the Vets all Natural fresh meats and we are now pleased to introduce the Artemis product range to you.

So if you’re looking for a dog and cat food that’s as close as possible to a balanced home cooked meal then give these foods a go.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

A big Thank You to…….

All those generous people who supported us in many different ways over the past few months in providing the necessary pro bono work for our bushfire affected animals.

Here is a PDF listing of some of the many people and organisations we’d like to thank

Our generous Supporters