New Vaccine Protocol for Puppies

2 Vaccine Protocol is now available for puppies?

Up until a short while ago all puppies needed a course of 3 Vaccinations at the following ages:

  • 1st Vaccination – 6 – 8 weeks of age (DHP)
  • 2nd Vaccination – 10 – 12 weeks of age (DHP and Canine Cough)
  • 3rd Vaccination – 16 – 18 weeks of age (DHP and Canine Cough)

Then yearly after that.

(DHP) – stands for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus

NOW AVAILABLE:- The 2 Vaccine Protocol – using the NEW DOI Vaccines

  • 1st Vaccination – 6 – 8 weeks (DHP)
  • 2nd Vaccination – 12 weeks (DHP and Canine Cough – intranasal)

Then Yearly after that

This means not only less trips to the vet (you save money) plus your pup can get out and about sooner with full protection.

Ask us today about the new DOI (Delay of immunity) Vaccines available.

A Case for Microchipping

If there ever was an event that highlighted the value of a Microchip then the recent bushfires were just that.

All animals bought in to us for treatment were scanned for microchips to help us locate their fretting owners.

Those which were microchipped identified them as “owned” pets as distinct from those which may have been strays.

In most cases those pets that had been microchipped were reunited with their owners.

Sadly, most of the patients we did see were not microchipped making our job of matching missing pets with their owners much more difficult.

We urge all pet owners to seriously consider microchipping all your pets as it doesn’t need a tragedy like the fires in order for them to become lost.

Microchipping is a cost effective and efficient way of reuniting lost pets with their owners – for life.

Are we still treating Bushfire affected pets?

We get calls every days asking whether we still have bushfire affected animals in our care.

The answer to this question is Yes.

We still have over 30 patients undergoing treatment at this time with more still coming in on most days.

We will continue to look after all these animals until they are well enough to go home – either to their original homes or new owners as in the case of unclaimed pets.

Those unclaimed pets will be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and desexed (if needed) before being adopted out to new homes at no cost to the new owners.

One of the many media releases

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Almost done

It’s now nearly 4 weeks down the track and most of our work is done.

Thankfully most pets that arrived at our clinic are on the road to recovery or have been returned to their owners.

Those who have remained unclaimed during this time have also found caring new homes.

Thanks to all of you who expressed and interest in providing new homes for these pets.

Just a reminder to any of you who are wanting to give a cat or a dog a new home, there are many abandoned and surrendered pets waiting for people like you at the many shelters and pounds all around Australia.

They may not be bushfire survivors but they also have a story to tell.