How to Choose the Right Foods for Your Dog

This is one of the most common questions our clients ask us.

With so many different varieties and brands available it can get confusing. However, you should apply the same rules to selecting a pet food as you do to choosing foods for your own family.

Look beyond the packaging appeal and read the ingredients list instead.

Choose a quality dry kibble as the daily staple. It’s the most economical because unlike the canned and loaf varieties you’re not paying for the water content.

And as with anything, price will be a fair indicator of quality.

KibbleA few things to look for on the ingredients list include:

  • Meat Meal as the first ingredient on the list. (Not cereals such as wheat and corn) Although dogs can digest and utilise cereals as a carbohydrate and protein source, the main source of protein should be meat. Cereals should be listed below meat
  • Avoid products containing meat by products. This is not a quality ingredient and as the name implies – could include anything!
  • Look for added Vitamins and Minerals
  • Look for the claim “Nutritionally balanced”
  • Avoid added preservatives and artificial colours and flavours. Just like us, pets can suffer from adverse reactions to these
  • The product should have a daily recommended feeding guide


Dogs too love variety in their diet so the addition of some fresh meat and vegetables on a regular basis will go a long way to keeping your dog fit and healthy.

And yes, that could mean less trips to the vet!