Summer’s Nasty little Hitchikers!

Although we may not believe that Summer has actually arrived, (given the weather we’re having) – this hasn’t deterred this nasty little enemy from attacking dogs in the neighbourhood.

So who’s the culprit here?

Yes, Grass seeds. They’re nasty and they’re everywhere at the moment. And they love to hitch a ride on your dog’s coat.

They may sound harmless enough however once they’ve lodged themselves firmly in your dog’s coat they have a habit of burrowing on through the skin between the toes, under the armpits or tail or even down the ear canals and behind the eyes.

The danger with these is that they are designed to go one way and that is forward. Plus they can disappear into the body tissue very quickly causing nasty infections.

Once this has happened they can only be removed by probing deep into the tissue and pulling them back out taking care not to leave any of the tiny barbs behind. This may sometimes require a general anaesthetic to perform..

Grasseeds can cause your dog severe pain and infection, even permanent damage, especially if lodged inside the ear canal or behind the eyes.

To avoid this problem, we urge all of you to give your dog a quick check each night for these nasty invaders.

Check the most common places they tend to hide such as:

  • Under the tail
  • Under or on ear flaps
  • Around the eyes
  • Between the toes and
  • Under each armpit

Don’t believe that this threat is limited to long haired breeds, even though they tend to stick more easily to long hair.

We’re seeing these injuries even in smooth coated breeds.

Symptoms of grass seed injury?

These can include head shaking, scratching and biting at entry site or lameness.

If your dog is showing any of these signs we suggest a quick trip to the Vet.