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Veterinarian and animal hospital in Whittlesea, Victoria

Veterinarian in Whittlesea, Victoria

The Vet Practice is a full-service animal hospital and canine rehab centre in Whittlesea, Victoria with a dedicated team of veterinarians and a variety of advanced medical services you're unlikely to find at other general practices. We provide for virtually all of your pet’s needs under one roof, so you can expect convenient and consistent care at every visit. From routine preventative care and in-depth diagnostics to rehabilitation, we give pet parents the ability to stay with the same vet and not have to travel great distances or pay the extra costs for a specialty referral.

We're focused on understanding your pet’s health and needs, and helping you make the best decisions regarding their care at every stage of their life.

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Get to Know Our Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are highly collaborative and conduct daily rounds to discuss their cases, especially those that fall outside of the routine. This approach not only benefits our team, but, most of all, it benefits you and your pets. Like you, we want to get to the bottom of any issues your pet is having and build a health care plan that is truly suited to them. With second opinions from other veterinarians, your case vet will be able to suggest a more appropriate course of treatment that will likely produce a much better outcome for your pet.

Advanced Veterinary Services in Whittlesea, Victoria

Our treatment capabilities give our animal hospital the means of helping more pets and offering better, more effective treatment solutions. In addition to general practice medicine, we can also conveniently provide the following advanced and integrative services.

Closeup Shorthair Cat Sitting On Cat Tree Or Condo

Regenerative Medicine

We can provide revolutionary stem cell therapy to treat painful, damaged joints and other issues in dogs and cats.

Female Veterinarian Holding A Little Dog In Her Arms

Canine Rehabilitation

Our hospital is staffed with veterinarians who are certified in canine rehabilitation and able to treat an array of orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Striped With White A Cat.

Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) uses 100% pure oxygen to treat infections, wounds, seizures, and more and help pets heal faster from injuries and surgery.

British Short Hair Cat And Golden Retriever


With arthroscopy, we can examine (and if needed, treat) a joint in a minimally-invasive way, resulting in a shorter healing period and less post-op discomfort.

Senior Golden Retriever Hydrotherapy Exercise


Water is an excellent tool for helping dogs regain their mobility and build up strength. Our hospital offers a water treadmill and an indoor pool to aid in their treatment.

Cute Bengal Funny Cat Playing


Endoscopy is a minimally invasive technique we can use in place of exploratory surgery to better understand your pet's condition and how to treat it.

General Veterinary Services We Provide

For your pet’s routine and essential care, our veterinarians and staff can provide the following services:

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